#Ryder’s Journal–Thursday August 18 2011

The theme of this journal is the dilemma that authors face after we are published. Our job doubles. Now we have to write and we have to promote.

It’s been one of those weeks. Got my computer back from the shop Tuesday. Power goes out Thursday. I did get another thousand words written on my WIP. And we got a large bucket of tomatoes from a neighbor, which means we need to get busy prepping them for canning. I’m thinking we’ll just can plain tomatoes this time, instead of salsa, or taco sauce, or spaghetti sauce. I don’t have the time or the energy to create in the kitchen. In fact, I think my son will have to do most of the work.

The good news is I received four copies of my book, which can be delivered to the newspaper of the nearest large town. They did an article on me and my book, and offered to place the book for sale in their offices, where other local writers also have books available.  They will run another article saying the book is available through them, so my name and the cover will run again.



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