Want To Provide a Guest Post?

If you’d like to provide a guest post for my blog, please contact me at http://ryderislingtonauthor@gmail.com

I don’t generally accept posts on erotica, witches/warlocks/demons/occult. Though I write mystery/suspense and psychological drama in many genres, I do accept posts about other genres, as well as about particular authors, and anything to do with the subject of writing.

I’d be glad to do a showcase of all your work, or a particular book of yours, or you. To do any of those, I’ll need you to send me the following: Cover shots of your book or books, author bio, and head shot if you want, a synopsis, preferably without spoilers, cover blurbs, and a portion of the book so the readers can get a taste–anywhere from 300 to 1500 words.

If you need more info or have questions, you can contact me at the address above.

2 comments on “Want To Provide a Guest Post?

  1. Thanks for the opportunity! I may take you up on it.

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