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For any author who would like to request a review of your book, please leave a comment here, or contact me at

I will need a copy of your book–I prefer paperback, or hardcover–but I’ll take an ecopy if that’s all I can get. I’ll also need a press kit, with at the very least, your cover, synopsis or cover blurb, excerpt if you want, bio and photo if you want, and ways for fans to find you and your book.

Bear in mind that I never give a bad review. If I read your book and find that I just can’t support it, I’ll send you a private email and explain why. I don’t believe in putting a bad review out. Authors can’t improve their writing if they don’t know what’s wrong with, or what might be turning people away from it. So if you send a book, you need to know it will not guarantee a review. But you won’t get a bad one from me.

I also do showcases to show off all of your books with cover photos, excerpts, etc.

7 comments on “Request A Review

  1. Teddy says:

    Hi Ryder, you are on our contact list for book tours but it seems that your email is no longer working. Did you change it? Can you let me know at Thanks!

  2. Weyman Jones says:

    Hi Ryder —

    My seventh book and fifth mystery/thriller, Evil in Return, is scheduled for release by Five Star Press/Gale on August 20.

    The jacket flap says:

    “Weyman Jones’s latest thriller is as timely as the next Middle East religious riot. It introduces a contemporary Cherokee obsessed with his ancient obligation to avenge the murder of his clansmen. He plans to display his revenge murders on YouTube to reawaken the passions of his people. He captures a young woman to help him target her estranged husband. As their relationship develops, she is faced with agonizing choices. The tension builds as both the Cherokee and his intended victim prepare for a showdown that results in consequences neither had expected. As in his other thrillers, Jones infuses the relentless action of this story with the dilemmas faced by complex characters whose choices lead to a surprising resolution.”

    Could I send you an author’s review copy, along with the background information you specify, in the mail?

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Weyman Jones

    • Sounds like a great story. Let me just tell you this before you send: I don’t give bad reviews. If I read a book and can give it four or five stars, I review it. If I feel it’s just average, I send a message to whoever sent it to me, telling them why I’m not reviewing it. Also, I’m in the middle of a major revision for my publisher, and on deadline, so it will be a while before I get to read anything. And then the third thing, there are at least 11 books in front of yours, so I might not get to it for several months. If you still want to send, I’d be glad to put it on my list TBR.

  3. Weyman Jones says:

    I’d be pleased to be in your TBR queue. Pls email me [] a mailing address for the ARC and supporting material.

    Thanks for interrupting your revision for my query.


  4. Ryder: I would like to request a review and/or interview. My new Young Reader novel about Bigfoot, Annette: A Big Hairy Mom, has just been released by New Babel Books. It is the allegedly true story of a spoiled second grader who is lost is the woods who is found by a lonely Sasquatch mom suffering from empty-nest syndrome. They have many adventures and she teaches the boy how to have fun as she executes her plan, amid many dangers, to get him safely home. The book is becoming a favorite in it’s target audience and is taught as a chapter book in several school districts. Please take a look at
    Thank You
    John S. McFarland

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