Favorite Mystery Movies

This is the first post of a rolling blog tour on the topic of Favorite Mystery Movies. To read previous blog tours, check out Red Herrings, What is Your Method of Plotting?, Writer’s Conferences, and When Did You Know You Were A #Storyteller? Today’s roll started with Nancy Lauzon’s blog, found here: http://www.chickdickmysteries.com/2011/08/18/my-favourite-mystery-movie/, and ends with me. We hope you will take the time to read a few of the other roll topics, and also start your Monday by visiting  www.kathleenkaskawrites.blogspot.com for Monday’s roll on Mystery Writers Who Inspire Us.

And now, on to my article on Favorite Mystery Movies. 

Back in the 80’s the best mystery movie ever was shown on TV. At night. While my hubby was out. I started watching it in the bedroom, propped against my pillows, enjoying a glass of Diet Coke. I watched the last half-hour sitting on the end of the bed, two feet from the screen, holding my breath. If someone had knocked on the window, I would have had a heart attack.

The movie was called Blackout. Unfortunately, there were several movies by that name, and I’ve never been able to find it on DVD or VHS, or even as a rerun on TV. It starts out with a dad coming hope to his five-year-old’s birthday party. I think he and his wife had three kids and the baby was five. He kills the family, sets them on the couch in front of the TV and leaves the house. The camera follows him as he walks to the highway and a car stops to give him a lift. Two people in the car. The car crashes. One person lives but is badly injured. Was it the driver? Or the killer? Throughout the movie I wavered a million times. It’s him! Naw, it’s not. Oh man! It’s him. Naw, couldn’t be.

Since then I’ve enjoyed many mystery movies, but none like that. My new favorite is a series about a cop named Jesse Stone starring Tom Selleck. He’s an alcoholic, divorced, used-to-be-big-time cop who becomes sheriff in the small town of Paradise.  I know they have plots, but really, Tom Selleck!  I never really remember the plots. But Tom Selleck!  I know, I’m dating myself. But who cares? After all, it’s…well you know who.

I love the Alex Cross movies based on books by James Patterson. Morgan Freeman is a great actor and plays the part of a cop/psychologist perfectly. Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider are the two I remember, maybe the only ones.

Mostly these days, people want thrillers. There’s a big difference. With a thriller, the viewer knows what’s in the basement and is yelling at the character to run away. With a mystery, the viewer doesn’t know anymore than the character. Well that used to be the definition. Until they started making mysteries with an open format so the view knew more than the character. No longer a mystery.

I’d love to hear from some of you out  there. What is your favorite mystery movie?


5 comments on “Favorite Mystery Movies

  1. I’m really enjoying this topic. I just might have to add to it. Wow! Blackout sounds like something Alfred Hitchcock would produce. It’s too bad how these great movies disappear into black holes. Remember the movie Agatha. It starred Venessa Redgrave as Agatha Chrisite and Dustin Hoffman as the report who went looking for her when she disappeared? I hope this roll generates more mystery movies.

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  3. Sounds like a real scary one, Ryder! There are a lot of great movies that you can’t seem to find anymore.


  4. red says:

    I love a good mystery movies. Himself assembled a big list of the mysterious movies http://movieberry.info/genre/mystery . We hope you share with me the joy of watching new movies.

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