I’ve lived all over the south, including Louisiana, where my latest novel is set. We enjoyed the Mardi Gras celebrations, talked with Cajuns, and ate King Cake. Did you know that in Louisiana you can drive through a business that sells alcoholic beverages and get a paper cup to go? As long as it has a lid, and no straw, it’s not an open container. I hope lawmakers wake up soon.

I’m married, have a great son, grown now, and live in a small town America.  I have a degree in Administration of Justice, as well as one in Sociology, attended the University of California, then law school, and worked in uniform at the sheriff’s department for several years before retiring.

I’ve been writing for twenty years-but I’ve only been looking to get published for thirteen years.  I have a serial fiction running in the local newspaper, have published articles in newspapers and magazines, and have written my required million words on the way to getting a novel published.  My first novel, Ultimate Justice, A Trey Fontaine Mystery was published in June of 2011, and I’m now in revision with my editor on book two, Ultimate Game, A Trey Fontaine Mystery.

I’m also working on the first draft of  a literary novel about a couple of doctors who have been married to each other for fifty years and are now ill. Based on a conglomerate of real people.

9 comments on “About

  1. Hello Ryder,

    I love your name. I wondered if you might know someone in law enforcement, specifically dealing with CCTV cameras and how the videos are used, etc. that might be willing to let me pick their brain? I’m working on a novel that I’d like to be as realistic as possible. Any ideas? Thanks for the follow on Twittter, I’m following back!

    • I’ve been out of the business for twelve years, and I’m sixteen hundred miles from the dept where I worked, so I don’t know much. Have you checked out the FBI website? They have a page for authors and there’s tons of info there. I know there is a yahoo group filled with all kinds of retired law enforcement who have become writers. i’ll try to find it and send it to you.

  2. Hi Ryder,

    Have you changed emails? I’ve been trying to get in touch with you. Can you send me an email?

  3. Deidre (Dee) says:

    Hey!!! Thank you so much for the great review and for inviting me to be a guest writer. I really enjoyed it, although you did all the work. Your blog page is a killer! and….”coincidences” my son, Trey, is a lawyer, and works out of New Orleans…lmao…just noticed that on your book Ultimate Justice…and let me ask you, where are you FAVORITE NON-fiction books listed? ummmmmmmmmmm???? lol…just kidding..we all have our favorites….thought you might like to hear I have started my second book, then I have an interesting write for another person (???) well, we shall see about that, but all non-fiction and wondering AM I NUTS OR WHAT??? Do authors slightly finish one and then hop into another one? I can’t help it, the Lord keeps throwing these things into my lap, I’m jotting them down in outline form, and will write it, well, you know the rest of that scenario! lol. Thanks again…and if you have a loose justice book, maybe we could exchange a book with each other???

  4. Hey girl, just read your “tag” game and would really like more info, if possible. Sounds like fun as usual at the ryder site. lol

    • There is a list of ten questions about your current work that you answer on your blog, and then you find five authors to tag and they do the same thing.
      I’m still trying to figure out how to make the best of this and I think it involves putting a sentence in your blog that lists who tagged you and whom you tagged. That way everyone who reads my blog will hear about your blog and everyone who reads yours will hear about mine, etc.

  5. Hi Ryder. I wanted to recognize your site by nominating you for a Shine On Award. You can see the post here…http://bookloversattic.wordpress.com/

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