Ooooh, Look! I’m Nominated For The Shine On Award!

Deanna from the wonderful blog: BookLover’s Attic has nominated me for the Shine On Award! So my first order of business is to thank her for her support.  Her blog is awesome. Check it out here:

Here are the rules of the award:

1. Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.


2. Acknowledge that blogger on your blog, and link back.

3. Share seven random, interesting things about yourself.

Here we go:

1. I’m one-quarter Blackfoot Indian and one-quarter German.

2. I love old fashioned men who open doors for me and pull out my chair at the table.

3. I love organic gardening and canning my own veggies.

4. If I had a million dollars, I’d be broke in a week. I love helping others and find it makes me richer than having money.

5. I’m not political in any sense of the word. Ever.

6. I have what almost all the world would call strange religious beliefs.

7. I was once walking in the park, talking to a friend about how to plot a wedding in a book I was writing. I told her the only way we could get the girl married was to kill her dad. My husband was walking behind us a few feet and when strangers heard us talking about ‘killing him,’ my husband looked at the strangers and said, “I’m not with them.”
4. Nominate up to 15 bloggers for the Shine On Award, provide a link to their blogs in your post, and notify them on their blogs.

Now it’s time to reveal my picks for the Shine On Award.  I think this is a great way to acknowledge fellow bloggers and give them more exposure to people who may not have had the pleasure of discovering them yet. So here they are:

Kristen Lamb at

Chirstine Fairchild at

Babette James at

Zetta Brown at

Mark Jackman at

Jack Remick and Robert J. Ray at

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Terry Odell at

Nancy Lauzon at

The She Writes Southern Writers 4th of July Countdown Blog Tour

As a Southern Belle, I’m happy to announce that I’m part of the She Writes Southern Writers 4th of July Countdown Tour. The women of She Writes are quite a group and I’m glad to be a member of the site, as well as the group of Southern Writers. We decided it was time to share some of the ambiance and eccentricities of Southern Life. The tour starts June 27th, so, please take time out to visit the sites and enjoy the humor, fun facts and interesting lifestyles of the great South.


DATE: Wed. June 27
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My Writing Journey / Charity Bradford

DATE: Th. June 28
Ruminations and Reflections / Rebecca Elswick
Holly’s Narrative Dream / Holly Raychelle Hughes

DATE: Fri. June 29
Musings & Meanderings: Thoughts on Life and Healing / Melanie Pennington
The Full-Bodied (Book) Blog / Zetta Brown*

DATE: Sat. June 30
Delani Bartlette’s Blog at Matador U / Delani Bartlette
Emily Kennedy’s Blog / Emily Kennedy

DATE: Sun. July 1
Ryder Islington’s Blog / Ryder Islington*
A Penny and Change / Penny Leisch*

DATE: Mon. July 2
Zetta’s House of Random Thoughts / Zetta Brown
High Heels and Hot Flashes / Debra Elliott*

DATE: Tue. July 3
A Penny’s Worth / Penny Leisch*
The Novellette / Laura Gschwandtner*