Blog Tour Anyone?

Last week I participated in a blog tour and I really loved it. I loved it so much I will be participating in another soon. But I have my own ideas about a blog tour and I’d love to create a rolling blog tour for this year–yes I said this year.

Here’s the plan: I want to find at least fourteen more mystery writers who are williing to participate in a rolling blog tour. We will choose one day a week on which to submit an article. And each week one member will choose the topic of the tour and start it off as the first blogger. All participants will introduce the blog of the person next in line on the tour with a single line or paragraph as well as giving a complete list of participating blogs at the end of their article.

Articles don’t have to be long. Every participant can put their bookcover, bio and where to purchase their books on their front page so every week people will see it.

Participants can decide as a group if there will be any limitations on the kinds of topics we write about, though I personally like to write about writing, and reading, and books.

I’d like to get started with this in the next few weeks and aim to keep it going once a week for a year. If you want to participate but can’t do it every week, or can’t commit to a year, that’s okay. I’m hoping to get enough responses so that no one will have to participate every week. Maybe we can make it ten bloggers each week, some other arbitrary number that works.

If you are a mystery writer, published or not, I’d love for you to leave me a comment here if you’re interested in this idea, or contact me at