I’m Baaaaack! At Least Temporarily

Hi to all those who visit my blog.
I appreciate your patience as I took a few weeks off for a major revision of ULTIMATE GAME, A Trey Fontaine Mystery. It’s now in the hands of beta readers, so I have time to breathe and check on my poor, ignored blog.
Next week I’ll use the comments from the beta readers to do a polish, and then the manuscript is off to the editor. I’m hoping I managed to make it into what she wanted.
If not, it will be stuck in a drawer for a while, until it’s cold enough so I can do a better edit.
Hope to get a review or two in after sending this to the editor.
In the meantime, I’m enjoying reading THE FIERY CROSS by Diana Gabaldon–this is the second time I’ve read it–and hope to read the rest of the series before I purchase the newest addition, WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD in June.
Has anyone out there read this series?

Are there authors following me who read my first book, ULTIMATE JUSTICE, A Trey Fontaine Mystery?
What are you guys reading now?

BOOK REVIEW: A Breath of Snow and Ashes by Diana Gabaldon

Review by Ryder islington

I love this series, and this book is one of the best. Diana Gabaldon is able to whisk the reader away to a distant past where we love and hate characters, and miss them terribly when the book ends.
In this book of the series, the characters find themselves on the North American continent just before the Revolutionary War, where they face religious prejudice, Indians, bears, mountain men, pre-war battles, and others harrowing adventures.

As usual, Claire and Jaime fight side-by-side, when they aren’t fighting each other. They create a home, gather followers, fight off those who would take what they have, and worry about the future that Claire is so sure will come.

So much happens in this book that I could write ten thousand words about it and there would still be lots of surprises for the reader. This series is so good that our little private book club here in town is planning on starting the whole series over in January of next year. By the time we’ve finished, the newest book will have been published and arrived at the local library, with plenty of time for others to read it. So, we won’t have to be limited to two weeks of reading time because there’s a list of others waiting!

Do doubt I will ultimately own this entire series and read it several times over the coming years. It’s that good.

BOOK REVIEW: Voyager by Diana Gabaldon

Review by Ryder Islington

Another grand slam for Ms. Gabaldon. Voyager revives the relationship between Claire and Jamie. There is not a single wasted word in this book. Everything that happens in the beginning chapters will be followed by some significant event later.

 I must say it wasn’t the story I expected. I thought I had it all figured out. I was sure certain events would occur, in a certain way. But Ms. Gabaldon surprised me over and over.

 Oftentimes in series, the first book is great, but things go downhill from there. Either the writing gets stale, or repetitive, or like on of my favorite authors, whom I won’t name here, the research shows as if the writer needs readers to know how hard she worked and how much she knows. Not so here.

 Jamie is as stubborn, and in as much trouble, as ever. Claire is so human—insecure even in those things she should be sure about. New characters are introduced and pull the readers’ strings, making us wish we could reach out and slap them, or hug them, or at least give them a good talking to. New lands are explored, and new issues arise.

 I recommend this series for anyone who loves to continue enjoying the company of old friends, while joining them on new adventure.