3 comments on “BOOK REVIEW: Strong Darkness by Jon Land

  1. Lance Wright says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this book with us. Looks like another “strong” entry in this series!

  2. Jon Land says:

    Ryder, I always so enjoy seeing your thoughts on my Caitlin Strong books and believe I enjoyed this one most of all. You’ve outdone yourself and I’m eternally grateful for your taking the time to read and cover me. Jon

    • Hi Jon,
      No thanks necessary. I really enjoy the Caitlin Strong series and this book in particular was right up my alley, since ULTIMATE JUSTICE, A Trey Fontaine Mystery, which is book two in my mystery series, is about human trafficking. Some day when you have more than five minutes to breathe, you may want to read it. I can always send you a copy. My hero is much more flawed than Caitlin, but I love him anyway. lol
      Strong Darkness was a one of your best ever, and an exciting read.

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