A Little Promotion for Drue A. Hoffman

Just thought I’d Let Drue have the floor for a minute.
They’ve finally found the passion they’ve deserved, but will they live long enough to enjoy it? Tony and Nikki fought their way up from the bottom of despair to each other’s arms, but can an ecoterrorism group bent on destroying their world separate them forever? Book 1, now in a combo volume including the series prequel, The Groundbreaking, that introduces readers to the nine main characters in the four full-length novels of the series. Get started today – Book 4, Planning an Addition, comes out November 1st!!!
Readers agree – Laying a Foundation is the one and only romance read of its kind, full of white-hot sex and characters over 50 so real that you’ll forget you’re just reading. Get started with the combo volume before the last book in the series is released in November!
All Romance eBooks – http://tinyurl.com/mvjdzs7

Drue A. Hoffman

Drue’s Random Chatter
Website:                  http://www.druesrandomchatter.com
Facebook:         https://www.facebook.com/drueannsrandomchatter
Twitter:             @Drueann
Goodreads:     www.goodreads.com/DruesRandomChatter

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