BOOK REVIEW: Deadly Inheritance by Suzanne Rossi

Review by Ryder Islington, author of ULTIMATE JUSTICE, A Trey Fontaine Mystery

Take a romance, and wrap it in a cozy and you get Deadly Inheritance by Suzanne Rossi. This is one of those fun books, well, if murder can be fun, about a struggling actress who gets great news: she’s inherited a Caribbean Island estate.  Wooo-hooo! But then comes the bad news: there are terms, conditions, irate relatives. And then, murder. Not to mention a hunky lawyer in charge of the will.

Suzanne is excellent at creating characters who live and breathe. There are some to love, and some to hate, and some who just make you want to scream. She’s also great at plunking the reader right down into the scene, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the island, the smell of the water, and the drama happening before your eyes. Overall, I’d rate this at the top of the list for cozies.

I’d recommend this book for all mystery lovers, as well as those who love romance. And I’ll be looking for Suzanne Rossi’s other books, including A TANGLED WEB and NEARLY DEPARTED.

Here’s a look at the cover, an a short blurb from the author.


When aspiring actress Liza Channing inherits a Caribbean island estate, she’s sure it will solve her money problems. All she has to do is follow the terms of the will and deal with a few resentful relatives–no problem. But falling for the family attorney wasn’t part of her calculations. Especially when she learns he’s not quite what he seems.

Stephen Albright planned to keep his distance from the new heiress, but soon finds himself drwn to her. When she askes for advice, he can’t refuse. But it quickly becomes apparent Liza needs more than legal help. Somebody wants her dead.







I was born in Indianapolis and raised in the suburb of Carmel, Indiana. I’ve also had the pleasure of living in St. Louis, Missouri; Rockford, Illinois; and Memphis, Tennessee. Currently, I call Ft. Lauderdale, Florida home where I reside with my husband and two lively dogs.

In between books, I love to travel, especially to see my two sons, their wives, and my six grandchildren.

I love writing and hope readers enjoy the adventures of my fantasy world as much as I enjoy creating them. As an author of romantic suspense, I’m always looking for a new way to “bump off” a character, so if anyone has an unusual idea, let me know. I love going out of the box and bending the rules.




2 comments on “BOOK REVIEW: Deadly Inheritance by Suzanne Rossi

  1. Thanks for the great review, Ryder!

    • You’re welcome, Suzanne.

      I judged your book in a contest and really enjoyed it. You have a knack for getting your characters into sticky situations. Keep up the good work!


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