A Tribute To The True James Bond: Hannibal

Today I’m going to show a side of me the readers hardly ever get to see. Today I mourn.

I’ve never seen a cat as cool, and beautiful as Hannibal. He’s…he was…a tuxedo cat with the sophistication of Bond…James Bond. Unfortunately, he wasn’t quite fast enough to elude the evil villian who struck him down in the street Tuesday night.

Hannibal was a stray who literally fought his way into our home, against the six cats who already lived here and had no plans to share the love, food, warmth and fun inside. Later, I’ll share pictures of the sweet boy…well…okay, he wasn’t so sweet most of the time…and I’ll also maybe share the song we wrote for him.

But first, you need to know who he was. Here’s an example: Hannibal would walk up to any cat in the house, sit behind them quietly, watching and waiting. Eventually, the victim would realize the dreaded Hannibal was behind him…or her…and turn to take a good look…at which time Hannibal would reach out with a right hook and pop the victim in the head. He was smooth. He was a Cool Dude. He was fast as a Ninja and as well dressed as the richest of men.

When Hannibal approached the food bowl, everyone else left. When Hannibal walked through the room, everyone else ran. If someone wanted out and the doorman, or woman, opened the door, and Hannibal was on the other side, the urge to go out was suddenly quelled.

Okay, so you have a mental picture of the evil side of Hannibal. There was also the side that lay in my lap and purred, all for legs wrapped around my arm to keep my hand against his chest, scratching as he rumbled. Hannibal was about three years old when he died last Tuesday. He came to live with us when he was too small to get along in the world by himself…probably about five weeks old. The accident that killed him was ugly. I choose to remember him as the pictures below show:

Hannibal in a bib:


Hannibal in a lap:


Hannibal trying to find the warmth inside:


Hannibal in the laundry basket:


Here is his song:

Hannibal, the cannibal, He’s a little animal.

He eats fingers, he eats toes, He will even eat your nose,

Oh, yeah, he is our cannibal.

Hannibal, the cannibal, He’s a little animal.

Two white feet, Two white socks, And he even pees in a box,

Oh, yeah, he is our animal.

Hannibal, the cannibal, he’s a little animal.

He is cute, he is smart, and he’ll kill ya with just one fart,

Oh, yeah, he is our animal, that is our Hannibal!


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