Review by Ryder Islington, Author of ULTIMATE GAME A Trey Fontaine Mystery

I thought, after reading the cover blurb, that I would be reading a courtroom drama. You know, like the typical John Grisham. NOT!

Imagine, if you will, a wonderfully happily married couple: he is a defense attorney in a large firm; she is a brand spanking new assistant district attorney. Now let’s make them both a little crazy. He needs to bring in new clients and win more cases to make partner, maybe even to keep his job. She needs to prove herself in a politically charged environment where hundreds of government employees are being fired.

Enter: a simple burglary case, which turns out not to be so simple. The husband is requested as a defense attorney, and the wife steals the case from another ADA, which still could be not so bad on a marriage, except for the bad guys. One tells the husband if he loses the case, his wife dies. The other tells the wife if she loses the case, her husband dies.

This a a great suspense/action book–I almost typed movie, it is so visual–and I’d recommend it for anyone who enjoys a good mystery, love story, or drama. It has elements of all three.


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