BOOK REVIEW: Daughter of Nothing (The Scion Chronicles) by Eric Kent Edstrom

Review by Ryder Islington, Author of ULTIMATE JUSTICE A Trey Fontaine Mystery

I really enjoyed this story. The characters are well rounded, the dialogue believable, and the story strong.

It revolves around a group of children and young adults who attend a special school. Set in the future, the school is located on an island, where the students have seen no one except those involved in their care and education for years. It’s a great action/adventure.  There’s a good bit of mystery involved, but really, the story is more like an superhero movie, with action and surprises, and danger.

Dr. Carlhagen, the 93 year old headmaster, is not my favorite character–he has issues, including his search for the fountain of youth. Jacey is a strong heroine, gutsy and smart, and with deep feelings that make her sympathetic and admirable. This is future science at its best.

I’d recommend this book for any teen, new adult, or even those of us a little older.

I received a free ecopy of this book from Story Cartel BUT I really enjoyed and will probably buy a copy as a gift for my teen niece.


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