BOOK REVIEW: Star Child And 13 More Twisted Tales By Frank G. Poe

Frank G. Poe claims to be Edgar Allen Poe, reincarnated.  A unique gimmick, if that’s what it is. This Mr. Poe definitely has a twisted imagination. unfortunately, he doesn’t have Edgar’s editor.

Star Child has dozens of sentences that don’t make sense, obvious errors resulting from revising, that make this book of poor reading quality. I read this book in the form of an advance reading copy, so I expected mistakes. The mistakes I’m talking about are not on the Proof Changes sheet, so they were not caught by an editor.

If you enjoy unusual stories, with odd characters and twisted endings, you may enjoy Frank G. Poe’s writing. His style is not run of the mill. I think he has things to say, and someday, may find the right fit as far as an editor goes. Who knows? He may be the next Edgar Allen Poe…er…the last Edgar Allen Poe…er…well anyhow…he may be a great writer someday. But great writers don’t make it on their own. They need excellent editors who are able to see each piece a dozens times and still see the errors. I hope Mr. Poe finds the perfect editor and goes on to write more twisted tales. As for this one, it may not be the best representation of his skills.