BOOK REVIEW: All He Saw Was The Girl by Peter Leonard

Review by Ryder Islington

This is a story about men. McCabe is a scholarship college student who doesn’t care all that much about school. His best friend, Chip, is the son of a U.S. Senator. Chip is also a student. And he’s afraid of his dad. Ray works for the Secret Service and has let his job affect his marriage. Joey is the son of a mafia boss and is having an affair with Ray’s wife. The rest of the men in the story are either cops, mafia big wigs, or mafia wannabes.

The jest of the story is that men want their way and they will use whatever and whomever they need to, to get it.

 I found it lacking in mystery, suspense and thrills. The story is slow. The characters are caricatures, and the plot doesn’t thicken. When McCabe sees a pretty girl, he makes a dumb move. As a result, he is assaulted. He wants to get even. As do all the other men in the story. The theme is definitely Men and Revenge.

While Mr. Leonard is capable of description and dialogue, his other writing skills need some honing. He loves starting multiple sentences with pronouns to the point of distraction, tends to have characters ruminating during action scenes, and has a habit of using incomplete sentences much too often.

 There are people out there who will, undoubtedly, love this book. Bear in mind that mine is just one opinion. I wish Mr. Leonard luck and great success.