My dad was a wheeler and dealer. He was always buying things, fixing them up, and then selling them. When I was around ten, he came home with a hearse. Not just any hearse. A metallic mint green Caddie.

Turns out you can fit a lot in one of those. It was great for going fishing. We took it toSan Felipe,Mexico, eight or nine people in the back, plus fishing gear, and it made a great full size bed for camping. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t get embarrassed easily because we went everywhere in that car for quite a while.

As a matter of fact, the one and only time I ever went to the walk-in movies as a child, I went with a friend. We saw Darby O’Gill and the Little People, and when we came out, there sat that shiny hearse, right out front. My friend and I climbed in the back and were chauffeured home, like we were special, you know, like on TV. It took years for me to figure out that anyone who saw us climb in the back of that car was not envious. They probably thought we were crazy.

My parents had just about every kind of vehicle when I was young, but I will always remember that hearse. Now, when I watch one of my favorite movies, My Cousin Vinny, and they talk about a car that’s metallic mint green, that huge conveyance with the giant chrome grill, pops up on my internal movie screen, and I remember good times. How many people can say that about a hearse?


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