BOOK REVIEW: Paskagankee by Allan Leverone April 17

Review by Ryder Islington

 Paskagankee starts out with a bang, literally, as a battle occurs between Native Americans of the Abenaqui tribe and a group of missionaries in 1691, a story told in the prologue. The rest of the story is in modern-dayNorthern Maine, in the small town ofPaskagankee.

 The new sheriff in town, Mike McMahon, is just getting his footing, when the killing starts. Bodies are being ripped apart as if The Incredible Hulk was pitching temper tantrums. The story is imaginative, the characters somewhat rounded. But Mr. Leverone didn’t do this story justice. Major plot points are predictable. Parts that should have a reader on the edge of his or her seat, were slow. And something critical that would have made this story rich and complete, was left out. Of course, I won’t tell you what, because it would be a giant spoiler for those who want to give the book a chance. The end was a let down.

 Mr. Levarone shows a talent for storytelling, and had a unique voice, but could use a good editor, or more time to hone his craft. Paskagankee is supposed to be the first in a series. Let’s hope book two comes to life in a way book one didn’t.


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