BOOK REVIEW: Once We Were Kings by Ian Alexander

Review by Ryder Islington

 Ian Alexander’s award-winning ONCE WE WERE KINGS could be used as a primer for how to write fantasy fiction. The world he created is full of beauty and danger, and his characters well drawn. His voice is distinct, and yet echoes many of the leading fantasy authors of our time.

 I enjoyed the relationship between the hero, Render, and his side-kick Branson. The boys grow in battle and loss. The story is full of action, albeit, slow action, and the end predictable by any Bible scholar, but it is, after all, the journey that readers can envision, share and enjoy.

The eternal battle between good and evil is depicted in grandeur through the eyes of characters whom you can love and love to hate. I would recommend this book to lovers of fantasy, especially those who love shape-shifters, evil powers, and a beautiful unknown land.


3 comments on “BOOK REVIEW: Once We Were Kings by Ian Alexander

  1. Thanks for this kind review. I hope everyone will feel welcome to contact me with questions and comments with my contact button on my website:

  2. What a great review. I, too, have read ONCE WE WERE KINGS and agree completely with your review. It’s a book to keep throughout the ages and one to pass on to your kids and theirs.

  3. Em says:

    Nice job, worth a tweet

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