The Artist’s Way

Just a short note to let all you writers out there know that I just started a book called The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. It’s about breaking through blocks and getting words on the page, or for those who aren’t writers, getting the paint on the canvas, the glue on the model airplane, etc.

I’ve only read a few pages but feel like the book was written solely for me. Ms. Cameron is speaking directly to me as she talks about ways we are blocked, and how we can free our creativity.

The book is a 12 week course in self help for freeing creativity and allowing artistry to inhabit our lives. Hope to do an article here and there to update you on how it has helped (or not) me.

3 comments on “The Artist’s Way

  1. I first found The Artist’s Way in 1997, and it has been a great treasure for me. When I knew I wanted to write but didn’t know how to get started, this book got me going. Within three weeks I was writing short stories, and I hadn’t written a thing since high school!

    Not only did The Artist’s Way get me to start writing, but I also developed a greater curiosity about my whole life. I started quilting, playing with photographs, etc. It taught me to put aside my perfectionism and to break any project into small, manageable pieces.

    I’ve worked through the book multiple times and return to it whenever I feel blocked. I’ve given away so many copies to people that I can’t count, but the one I have now is signed by her, so I’m keepin’ this one! I hope you get as much joy from it as I have.

  2. Julia Cameron knows how to speak to creative spirits. I read The Artist’s Way about ten years ago. Although I don’t do the morning pages anymore so many of her lessons have stuck with me. I’ll look forward to your article!

  3. I read The Artist’s Way last October, and it has been a huge inspiration for me on my journey of creative development. Now I am writing my first e-book I plan to publish on Kindle in the next several weeks!

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