BOOK REVIEW: Eye Of The World by Robert Jordan

Review by Ryder Islington

This is hands down the best fantasy novel I’ve ever read. The first in the Wheel Of Time series, Eye Of The World, is filled with adventure, danger, excitement and characters who come to life.

Rand and Mat and Perrin, three boys from the same village, couldn’t be more different. Their lives are changed forever with the arrival of Lady Moiraine. Something terrible is coming. Something so dark and evil, that every life is in danger. Mr. Jordan’s imagination ran wild as he created evil creatures under the control of someone even more evil.

Filled with religious and political conflict, this is one of the great epic fantasies. The large cast brings the story to life as good and evil fight for control of the world. I could not stop reading. The imagery flashed in my mind. The heroes and heroines became my friends. And I hated and feared the evil forces and their minions.

I would recommend this book for every reader of fantasy, adult and child alike. The plot is strong, the characters real, the pace fast and furious.


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