BOOK REVIEW: Deception Point by Dan Brown

Review by Ryder Islington

Intelligence analyst Rachel Sexton, and scholar Michael Tolland, join a team of experts in archeology, history, and other assorted fields, as they descend on the Artic to recover a rare object hidden beneath the ice. Recovery and authentication of the object would be a major feather in the cap of NASA, whose satellite first discovered it.

But Rachel and Michael face difficulties as those in charge continually argue over how to accomplish the task. The publicity seekers, the NASA scientists, and those in it for personal gain, all have their own ideas that promote their own agendas. And then evidence of fraud. Looks like maybe NASA was trying to save their agency by creating and planting something the world would want recovered. Too late Rachel and Michael realize they must tell the President what they’ve found. Now all they have to do is survive until they reach him.

The plot is strong and I like the characters. Like his other books, Deception Point is well researched and Mr. Brown puts you in the middle of the action. I had to read a little and then think about it. In the end, it is a great story. I love the plot twists. A perfect read for those who love international thrillers, political intrigue, and high-stakes drama.