BOOK REVIEW: Dragonfly In Amber by Diana Gabaldon

Review by Ryder Islington

With the intrigue of the modern political thriller and battles to the death between kings and #Scottish clans, #Dragonfly In Amber is book two of the Outlander series. In 1968 Claire Randall Fraser returns to #, the place of the standing stones that transported her to 1743, and back again.

Determined to somehow tell her daughter the truth about who she really is, and what happened to Claire back in 1945, she finds herself in the company of Roger Wakefield, a man whose adoptive father was an historian obsessed with the clans of Scotland in the #1700’s. As Claire, her daughter Brianna, and Roger Wakefield travel through the hills and crags of Scotland, the story of Claire’s travel through time unfolds, revealing unbelievable, yet real scenes of history.

The characters are well drawn, evoking emotions in the reader as we get involved in their lives, desires, and painful histories. The description takes the reader on a journey through a land filled with beauty and into the lives of a people stubborn and superstitious. Dragonfly in Amber is a wonderful read for #history buffs, travelers, and those in love with romance. I would highly recommend it as a summer read, or during those times in the winter when the weather has stranded you next to a roaring fire.