A Tribute to K. Sue Morgan, Human Extrordinaire

The world lost a wonderful woman last week. K. Sue Morgan, a proud Texan, a great wife, mother and grandmother, a loyal friend, and a very good writer. Known as just Sue to her friends, I’m sure there are people all over the country who knew and loved her. Sue was a school teacher. Well liked, but stern, she mixed teaching with love. We always teased her because she and her husband produced some of the most beautiful blonds in the country. She showed great love and pride in her family. Sue was strong. She set a great example for the world through her faith, which showed through her actions.

A member of The NOLA Stars, a chapter of Romance Writers of America, she volunteered her time at their yearly conference, Written in the Stars, in Shreveport. Every year seventy-five to a hundred people attended the conference, and everyone met Sue. She was the face of the group not only at the conference, but at monthly meetings, weekly get-togethers, and critique group. And she and her very good friend Jean Walton, managed to hit several other conferences through the years,  in Dallas, and Washington state, and everywhere else. I’ve heard some of the stories. I’m sure she is remembered in those places too.

K. Sue Morgan was my friend. She was a mentor. She taught me, hugged me, and gave me love. I wish I’d had the opportunity to spend more time with her. I wish I’d met her when I was young, when I needed a good teacher and role model. I wish I had told her how much she helped me and how much she meant to me when I had the opportunity.

I send my sympathy and love to her family, her huge extended family, and to all the people who knew her and grieve her loss. For all of you who did not stand within her light, I send you sympathy too. You really missed out on a unique and wonderful person.


2 comments on “A Tribute to K. Sue Morgan, Human Extrordinaire

  1. You said a mouthful, Ryder!


  2. joannerock says:

    Cheers to all of what you said. Times ten. I miss her so much and feel fortunate to have known her. I’m glad I found your post to remember how much others love and miss her to.

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