Memories of Me: Feeling The Music

I thought it was about time we took a break from the blog tour to just think of something more fun, so I’m posting my first of what I hope will be many articles about my memories. Maybe reading this will bring back things from your own childhood that will make you smile. Feeling The Music Music was a big part of my growing up. We listened to country music, and the occasional rock n’ roll when dad was not home. My dad played guitar and sang, sometimes in bars or clubs, but more often at home. He would invite others who played and they would gather and drink beer, play and sing, till all hours of the night. I have one memory of music that really sticks with me. We were in a house—I don’t remember where—in the living room. All the lights were on and it was very bright. My dad sat on the edge of the couch, guitar in his lap. Other men where there, but I don’t remember who. I didn’t really have a ‘bed time’ growing up and I loved music, so I stayed in the room, being quiet because that was the one rule for me. I remember vividly crawling behind my dad, putting my back against his, and lining my legs up against the back of the couch so the soles of my feet were toward the ceiling. In that position, I could feel the vibration of the music through my dad’s back, his voice and the guitar tickling me all the way though. I fell asleep there, head lolling to one side. When the music would stop, my eyes would open to slits against the glare of the lights, but it didn’t take long to start up again and I’d fall right back to sleep. Though this is one memory in my mind, I know it happened many times. Any time there was a house, and a couch, a guitar and people, I was there, entertaining myself quietly except for the occasional song request, for I had a few favorites. For all the things that might have been called tough when I was growing up, memories like these pop up to remind me that there were things I really enjoyed, and music was a big one. I still love music, country, old rock, easy listening, flamenco guitar, classical, gospel, Christian, Messianic. And I still don’t have a bedtime.


One comment on “Memories of Me: Feeling The Music

  1. Nice story, Ryder. Your dad sounds like a wonderful man.

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