Blog Tour Info

Yaaaay! My first blog tour has finally arrived! I’m going to post a schedule here, and the first stop, at will also have a complete schedule. I hope all of you have time to join me, and comment freely.

Monday 16th 


                        Blog Tour Schedule and Interview

                 Available All Week

     Monday 16th:

Peg Herring

Review: Ultimate Justice, A Trey Fontaine Mystery    

 Tuesday 17th:

           Nancy Hinchliff 

                        Hosting Article: Psychological Drama

Wednesday 18th:

Savvy Authors 

                              Hosting Article: Giving Your Characters Character

Wednesday 18th:

Alex C. Telander at

                  Hosting Article: The Other Character: Setting

Wednesday 18th:

Nancy Lauzon

                               Review Ultimate Justice, A Trey Fontaine Mystery

Thursday 19th

Marilyn Meredith

               Hosting Article: What Inspired Ultimate Justice

Friday 20th

Christine Hughes

                        Hosting Article: Creating A New Genre

Friday 20th:

DeNita Tuttle

Hosting Article: Writing Mystery and Crime

 Saturday 21st:

Kathleen Kaska

                         Hosting Article: What Is Voice?

Sunday 22nd:

Komal Mansoor

                        Hosting Article: Think Big For Success

Monday 23rd:


                        Hosting Article: Revisions

 Tuesday 24th:

Liv Raincourt


 Wednesday 25th:  

Pandora (Dora) Poikilos

                       Hosting Article: What Writing Is To Me

 Thursday 26th:

Lori Cronwell

              Hosting Article: Publishers and Agents and Editors, Oh My! The Horror

 Friday 27th:    

Nicole Morgan

                         Hosting Article: Developing The Story Behind The Book

Saturday 28th:

Pat Brown 

                          Hosting Article: Creating Diverse Characters

Sunday 29th:

Kat Duncan

                          Hosting Article: Including Violent Crime In Your Writing

 Monday 30th

Kayelle Allen

                          Hosting Article: Curling Up With A Good Book

Tuesday 31st:  

Monica K. Stoner 

                        Hosting Article:  Creation Of A Mystery Writer


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