Let’s Try Something New

My computer caught a bad case of the flu this week and had to go to the clinic. While I was detoxing from the net, my mind was in high gear, trying to think of some way to keep my blog going. I came across this idea. What if I just did some short articles about what used to be?

I’d love to get to know other people, especially writers and readers. I’d like to know them more personally. So I thought I’d start by letting others get to know me better.

With paper and pen (hey, my computer was sick!) I made a list of memories from my childhood, and decided to post one every week. You may get bored with it, but I suspect that it will bring back a lot of memories for you as you read about the things I remember.

So, starting next week, I intend to throw in at least one article a week about my memories of the way things used to be, or at least the way I remember them. I hope you all enjoy them, and I also hope that if they’re boring, you’ll tell me so I can come up with something else.

Next week my blog tour starts. It includes interviews, reviews, and articles on writing, publishing and promotions. I’ll post a schedule here.

One comment on “Let’s Try Something New

  1. I look forward to reading about those old times.

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