My life has been in the transforming stage for a while now. I know we all change throughout our lives, but I think, for some of us at least, the changes happen in stages. We learn better, and then we do better. This blog reflects that. It started solely with articles on writing. And then book reviews.  There were gaps where there weren’t many articles on anything.

Then I tried the Journal idea. I like that. I like being able to share short tidbits about my personal life, or the writing life and how it affects me. I plan to continue that. I’ve tried writing a certain type of article each Monday, and something completely different on Tuesday, etc.  Then I began to invite other writers to do articles, or post their book covers, or whatever. And now I’m heading into a major blog tour. My  blog is evolving, as is my writing.

I said all that to say this: I don’t know how much of this would ever have happened without great examples to look up to. One of those is Oprah.  So, when she created her OWN network, I was anxious and ready to see what she would do next. Well, she done good.

OWN is all about growth, about people learning about themselves and sharing what they learned so others can follow in their footsteps. If no one else lived with me, I would probably watch OWN at least fifty percent of the time I watch anything. I really enjoy the shows that focus on people, the in-depth interviews, the peaceful moments.

If you haven’t tried it, you may want to. There are movies too. Mostly not the blood and guts, cussing, hating stuff you see every night on prime time TV.   Next to NatGeo, NatGeo Wild, The Discovery Channel and HGTV,  there is OWN.  If you don’t know where to find it, go to http://www.oprah.com and you find a tab to click on where there is a list of channels according to where you live.  You might find discover that you are transforming too, and you may just discover how to create the transformation that will make you happy.

One comment on “OWN It!

  1. Well said, Ryder! Best to you!

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