Reading and Reviewing older books

I have sooo many books. Not just on the overloaded book shelves, but on tables, on speakers, on trunks, everywhere. So in 2012, my goal is to read some of them and then get rid of them.

I don’t know how often this is done, but I plan to review them, whether they are classics, old, or just not brand new. I have everything from Shakespeare, to Jean Auel, to Tess Garretsen, and hundreds of others.
I’m going to start with Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights, which I read every December, and then go on to finish Pillars of the Earth and the Outlander Series.

If they are keepers, I’ll find a shelf for them. If they are not, I’ll probably donate them to the local thrift store. Either way, every author will get a review. Speaking of which, I’ll be doing some reviews and interviews, as well as hosting some guest posts from great authors in 2012–the schedule is filling quickly. And I’ll start promoting my blog tour soon too. Every event will be sent to my facebook page and twitter, so look out, Ryder has been turned loose!


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