#Ryder’s Journal–Tuesday November 1, 2011

It has been an overwhelming week. Four carpenters descended on our house to ‘weatherize’ it. They were here bright and early, at eight-thirty, and stayed until five in the afternoon. The house now looks like we just moved in. There are boxes and crates everywhere, the floor is filthy, and the dishes are stacked halfway up the wall.

I surely couldn’t write with the commotion and yet another four needy men in my house!  I’ve managed a few thousand words in the last couple of weeks, and have noticed that my name, and the name of my book are all over the internet, which is great.

My book will be advertised on http://www.savvyauthors.com for a month as a result of my participation in one of their events. And I came up wi th a possible fourth plot which could mean that my trilogy could truly turn into a series.

Now I’m off to bed with a swollen foot and a tired body and hopefully, tomorrow, I’ll be back to my writing. I hope all you writers out there are pounding away on those keys, and I hope all you readers out there are finding wonderful books that thrill you, make you laugh, or if I wrote it, make you cringe.

One comment on “#Ryder’s Journal–Tuesday November 1, 2011

  1. From chaos comes inspiration! Nice post, Ryder. Glad you persevered.

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