What Do #Readers Want?

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And now for my article: What Do Readers Want? 

I think one thing writers don’t think about when we are writing is that readers want value for their money. The economy is tough and money is hard to come by.  Books can be borrowed from libraries, and friends, and purchased used, so to lay out hard-earned money for a new book means something to the reader. They expect to really enjoy that read. If it’s a mystery, they are expecting to help solve it. If it’s a thriller, they are expecting to be scared. If it’s a romance, they expect to fall a little in love with a character, and be very pleased by the ending.

Readers are expecting to be really entertained, to spend hours with characters they care about, and to be fully satisfied when they put that book down. Entertainment these days is very expensive. A movie and dinner for two can easily cost sixty dollars, or more. Tickets for the theatre, baseball, football, and basketball games, or a night of dinner and dancing is  just outrageous. But some people will pay those prices because they are being entertained. It’s tough for a writer to compete with that.

As writers, we have to work harder than ever before to make our books brilliant, our characters real, our plots big, and our writing unique. And then we have to make sure the price is competitive, the marketing is as exhaustive as possible, and the entertainment value the biggest bang for the buck. Other than that, writing these days is a piece of cake!

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6 comments on “What Do #Readers Want?

  1. Books are still the best entertainment value for the money, but they are expensive in terms of time. I not only want to care about the characters, but I want the author to make good on all the promises he or she made to me – the promises in the cover art, in the blurbs, in the opening chapter, and all the way through the book. Nothing irks me more than to get to the end of the book and feel like I’ve been cheated. I agree with what you say about mystery books. I want to feel like I’ve been given the same information as the other characters so that I can solve it along with them. Interesting topic, Ryder!

  2. I’m glad you mentioned the economy thing, especially with the new trends in publishing. I am so disappointed when I purchase a book and can’t read beyond the 3rd page. That’s why I enjoy mystery series. I trust the author and know my money will be well spent.

  3. mollie bryan says:

    Unless it’s a writer whose work I already know I will love, I rarely buy books anymore–because so many times I am disappointed. I use the library a lot to discover new writers and then once they have me hooked, I buy their books. Excellent post, Ryder, you are so correct in bringing the economy into the subject.

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  5. Great post, Ryder. You’re so right, the entertainment factor is huge, especially in these ‘uncertain’ times in publishing.


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