Laptop vs. Desktop

I’ve wrestled with this issue for years. I started with a desktop, but I couldn’t take it with me and by the time I got home I was too exhausted to really use it for writing.
Then I got a laptop, which was great for carrying around, though back then they were a lot heavier than nowadays. But I found I did not like getting online with it. And then there was the issue of repairs. My laptop lost a key and I quickly learned that there was no way to repair it. It was cheaper to buy a new one.
Again I bought a desktop, knowing I could always get another keyboard, or monitor, or whatever, if something broke. But I was very uncomfortable at the desk. I bought a great ergonomic chair, which helped, but the desk would only fit in the living room, and I didn’t usually spend a lot of time there. So I bought a laptop.
Now I have a desktop at my desk, which sits in my bedroom. And I have a laptop. The desktop is for online research and communication. I rarely use it to write. I use the laptop for writing only. I have a great lap desk I made to my own specifications and when I have weeks where I just can’t sit in the chair, I can do some writing on my laptop.
A few years back I met a very famous writer who did a speech at a conference. She talked about how she had an invisible disability that had made her bedridden for a year, and it just happened to be a year when she’d just signed a contract for book two in a series. Her hubby bought her a laptop and she would work in tiny increments in bed. She managed to make her deadline, and also worked on her health, which eventually helped her get up and get somewhat better.
I love that I have both a desktop and a laptop. Both get used. I never have to worry about viruses that will destroy my work because my laptop is never connected to the net. And I know that I have a way to get in touch with other writers, teachers, and friends via my desktop. It’s the best of both worlds. I hope I never have to pick just one.
I’d love to hear about the experiences of others. What do you think?


3 comments on “Laptop vs. Desktop

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  2. I love my laptop, and now I’m salivating over tablets…

  3. Enjoyed your article on computers. Once I let go of my desktop, I never went back. I often thought I’d use both, but my laptop is so convenient. However, having a desktop for communications only is a great, sensible idea.

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