Punctuality Is It Necessary Or Overrated?

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And now, for my article on Punctuality: Is It Necessary, Or Overrated?

I think life is hard enough without having people expect you to share your time, and then not being punctual. That especially goes for doctors and other professionals whose lives are scheduled and then patents/clients suffer the consequences of their poor time management by having to wait. My time is as valuable as anyone else’s and I expect common courtesy, including keeping your appointments.

A lot of people are laid back and don’t like schedules, and that’s fine. But whether you tend to be laid back or wound-up, you still have to realize that if you say you’re going to be somewhere at a particular time, it’s rude and obnoxious, not to mention a reflection of your integrity, to be late. I know that sounds harsh to some people and all I can say to them is, if you don’t want people to be insulted by your actions, then show them respect and maintain your integrity.

In the movies and TV shows, any woman going on a date is late. That says a lot about what the public thinks of women. There are even songs written about women being late for dates. It’s a said commentary on us. No matter how hard I try to make this article balanced, and flowing, I can’t. Because there aren’t really excuses for disrespectful behavior. I understand emergencies. Sometimes things happen. So call and let the person who’s waiting for you know you will be late, or can’t show.

I mean, really, folks. It’s not that hard.

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5 comments on “Punctuality Is It Necessary Or Overrated?

  1. Visiting from the Blog Tour 10, I couldn’t agree with you more. Time is a precious thing and shouldn’t be taken lightly. If it’s your time only then feel free to let it linger, but when it comes to someone else’s please use it wisely…

    Enjoyed your post.
    Thanks for sharing


  2. Liz Shaw says:

    I agree. I try not to be a judgmental person, but when people are late, I admit that I judge them. It’s not just rude; it’s narcissistic. The unspoken message that a late person is giving you is, “I’m more important than you are, so I’ll decide when I show up. Too bad if you have to wait for me.” Even if they apologize, their actions have already spoken much louder than their words.

    Having said that, I do know people who are chronically disorganized and can’t do anything the way they want to. I also don’t judge if someone had an actual reason for being late (a flat tire). So I guess I’m cranky about lateness, but in a reasonable way. LOL

  3. Exactly – it’s especially not that hard in a day and age where EVERYONE has some sort of mobile communication device. I’m always amazed whenever I’m stuck in Jersey traffic (which is more often than I’d like) and I call the doctor’s office or wherever I’m supposed to be (actually, I have my 6-year-old call from my cell in the backseat because I’m already late; I’m not about to break the law, too 🙂 and they sound so hugely shocked/grateful that I called to let them know. Doesn’t everybody??? Yes, I already know the answer, but I wish I didn’t.

  4. With today’s technology, there is no excuse for not letting a person know you ETA. Great post and happy to be on the blog tour with you.

  5. Janaki Nagaraj says:

    Nice post….everyone on this tour believe in punctuality, that’s hearty.

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