Ryder’s Journal–Friday, Sept 16, 2011

The theme of this journal is the dilemma that authors face after we are published. Another facet is added to our daily lives as we try to balance our relationships and write, with all encompasses, and also promote.

The new TV schedule could cause me some major time issues. I love cop and lawyer shows, and there are several new ones. I often DVR them, and then speed through the commercials. I hate it when there are three things on at the same time. That means I have to choose one to watch when the season ends and reruns start.

I managed to get a few more words written and am feeling good about the story. I just wish I was able to get more words written. It seems like an impossible task. I really love to write, but I can only do what I can do.

My son made us a beautiful spaghetti and meatball dinner, with French garlic toast. His first foray into the Italian cooking. He could be a chef. He is as concerned about the taste as the presentation of the meal, and he does both really well.  No doubt my hubby and I would be in rest homes without him.

Hope everyone has a great week-end.



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