Ryder’s Journal–Thursday, Sept 8, 2011

The theme of this journal is the dilemma that authors face after we are published. Another facet is added to our daily lives as we try to balance our relationships and write, with all that encompasses, and also promote.

I had planned to join in the writing of an article on Writing Rituals for Wednesday. The topic was even my idea. But health issues got in the way and I was unable to do anything for a couple of days. Not sure I should even be doing this now. Though my hands weren’t working, my mind came up with a plot for book 4 of what was to be at least a trilogy, maybe a series. If I can come up with a couple more, then I will go ahead and plan a series. If not, I may well stop after the third book and go on to a couple of other projects waiting in the wings, including a literary love story that I think could be a very good seller. My current publisher doesn’t handle that kind of book, so I have to finish the trilogy first.

I bet you wonder how I get anything done, when I can’t even put up a short article on a regular basis. Well, it’s because I’ve learned to work when I can, and not to stress over it when I can’t. I’ve learned my limitations. But I’ll get there, just maybe slower than others in my position. At least I won’t regret the time I was away from the writing, because I’m taking care of things that need taking care of. We don’t get a do over at the end of this life, so I try to remember that, while I am passionate about writing, I’m also passionate about my  family, and my own health.


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