Social Media: Ideas for connecting writers and readers

This is the last article of the Monday roll for the Rolling Mystery Blog Tours Ink group. Thank you Nancy Lauzon at for directing traffic my way.  After the article is a list of all the participants of today’s roll. Please take the time today, or this week, to visit them. And to see other articles that were part of a group’s rolls, check out my previous articles on Favorite Websites for Writers, Do You Critique for Free?, Mystery Writers who Inspire us, and other articles on this blog where you will find lists of other bloggers who wrote on the same topic, with a link to their articles.

And now on to my article on Social Media. 

This is a sore subject with me. I’m sort of a computer-phobe, and I’m even worse with the net. Too much stuff. Too much trouble to get into. Too many viruses. And talk about a time-sink! I think if I felt more confident, if I had a clue of what to do and how to do it, I’d feel better about the myriad forms of social media. I’m especially concerned for my computer. It gets sick a lot. I’m not sure it has a very strong immune system.

There are sites that I enjoy. And it’s great to be able to talk with friends, and get feedback from readers. I’m feeling better about blogging, but Facebook is just scary. I never have a clue if I’m in the right place, or if what I say might be taken the wrong way by someone who reads my messages. I know my friends will understand my wit. But what if someone else takes offense?

I don’t have a cell phone, so I don’t tweet much. And the google stuff–well, every time I go there, I get scary messages from the site. I have yet to say yes to them. So, let’s see…what does that leave for me?

Well, the truth is, there is only so much time in the day, and I can’t spend it online. So this is what I do: I try to blog at least four times a week, and have started a new journal which is usually a really short blog of how the day went. I want to do that daily, but now and then I miss a day.

I also am a member of a couple of very big sites for writers: Savvy Authors, and She Writes. Both have thousands of members, and hundreds or thousands of hits a day. I participate as much as I can at these two sites. I feel comfortable there, instead of overwhelmed or scared. I know I’m probably missing out on great opportunities, but there’s just no way for me to do it all, at least, not at the same time.

Now I’m gonna go visit the other blogs and see if they have better ideas. Who knows? Someone may change my mind and get me to do something different. After all, I’m not a computer whiz, or an advertizing exec. I’m a writer.

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And please return here Wednesday for the next roll when we will be discussing Writing Rituals. 


4 comments on “Social Media: Ideas for connecting writers and readers

  1. Glad I’m not the only one who is reluctant to dip my toe into the technical waters of social networking. I find I go to the places I’m comfortable, too. Savvy Authors and She Writes? Hmmm, maybe I’ll check those out. Because there is so much to figure out, I’ve decided to proclaim Tuesdays as “Tech Tuesdays” and try to learn something new at least once a week. We’ll see how long that lasts. Great blog, Ryder.

  2. Great post, Ryder. It’s so true. The promotion aspect of the profession can overtake the writing aspect. So important to find a balance.


  3. mollie bryan says:

    In some ways, I think social media has been a blessing for writers like me. I don’t live near a big city and it’s been so helpful in getting the word out about my books, especially Twitter. And it’s just really nice to know there is a community of writer’s out there–most of whom are eager to help out, even if it’s just to listen. BUT, there’s no doubt about it being a time suck. Turns out we have to be as disciplined in our “socializing” as we are with our writing!

  4. ClaireMcA says:

    Interesting post Ryder, I’m pretty new to social networking for writing purposes and I don’t feel I have to or need to do it, but since I started my blog for fun and joined SheWrites I’ve certainly become more involved and more aware of what others are doing.

    I don’t blog to any particular timetable, preferring to be inspired to add something now and then and I have certainly been surprised at how prolific and disciplined many are with their blogs. Perhaps that’s the only luxury of not being a published writer – the pressure’s off for now 🙂

    Love your lists of favourite books and authors and what’s on your nightstand.

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