Ryder’s Journal–Thursday, September 1, 2011

The theme of this journal is the dilemma that authors face after we are published. Another facet is added to our daily lives as we try to balance our relationships and write, with all  encompasses, and also promote.

And life just keeps on going. At this point in my life, I’m very glad that I’m an author. I don’t know that I have the heart to do anything that I don’t really love. Some days are just hard. Some whole weeks. But knowing that I will get to write again, that I can sell my work, makes getting up worth it. If I had just one bit of advice for anyone, I would probably be to do what you love. If it’s something that doesn’t pay much, learn to live on less. We scrape by, but when I work, it is because I love it. I want to work. I want to write. I want people to read my work. My body doesn’t always agree, but my mind is determined.

With the state of the world, doing what we love is so vital. Getting a job is almost impossible. And getting unemployment isn’t easy either. The world is facing war, famine, drought, hurricanes, tsunamis, recession, depression and poverty. But people still read. And I still write. How can anyone ask for more?


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