What Can and Should Writers do to Support Literacy?

This article is the first in Monday’s rolling tour of the Rolling Mystery Blog Tours Ink. Other bloggers who participated in this roll are listed at the bottom of this page, past the article. The next stop on the tour is at KT Wagner’s blog at http://www.northernlightsgothic.com/blog. If you haven’t already visited her site, please take the time out today to stop by and take a look. And now, on to my article: What Can and Should Writers do to Support Literacy? I think everyone should do whatever we can to support literacy. A lot of people struggle to read, and because it’s a struggle, it’s no fun, and they don’t want to do it. But if they learn to read really well, it’s no longer a chore, and at least some of them will become readers of our books. But that’s not really the main reason to support literacy. Most people who become politicians, scientists, doctors, lawyers, judges, etc., have to read, and read well. Without the ability to read, they can’t make it through school with decent grades. They can’t learn what they need to know in order to become really good at the profession of their choice. Reading is vital to our national security, our national strength in the world of medicine and finance, our own health and security as individuals, and as communities. To me the question of should writers support literacy is easy. Of course! The  question that’s hard is:  What Can we do to Support Literacy? I believe that the majority of writers hold down full-time jobs, have families, and run full speed ahead all the time, so it’s difficult to volunteer. And with the economy in the toilet, it’s hard for a lot of us to give money in support of literacy. So what can we do? For those of us who write books kids can read, we can donate copies to libraries. I guess even books not appropriate for kids could be donated so illiterate adults could be encouraged to learn to read so they can enjoy them.  If we have time, we can volunteer to teach someone to read and participate in reading programs at schools and libraries.  We can certainly  teach our own children the importance of reading well, provide them with books, and provide incentives for them when they read.  What else is there? I’m open to suggestion and look forward to hearing other ideas.   The rest of our partners are still deep in revisions, dealing with family, and fighting with cranky computers. I hope we all get back to the normal routine of blogging as a team soon.


3 comments on “What Can and Should Writers do to Support Literacy?

  1. KT Wagner says:

    I agree with you Ryder, just about everything we strive for and value in society has links to strong literacy skills.

    One thing we can all do is hold our politicians and public education systems accountable for results. It is ridiculous, given the level of knowledge around how to teach most children to read and write, how many are falling through the cracks.


  2. totsymae1011 says:

    Earlier this year, I was a volunteer literacy coach and it was a very rewarding experience. It takes a lot for adults to let down their guard and pursue learning to read. It was really a humbling experience for me to be in that position.

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