People Who Turn Me Off

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So now for the subject of People Who Turn Me Off

I’m not a narrow-minded person. I like all kinds of people from all walks of life. But there are two things that some people do that really turn me off. The first is to act like they are better than others. That makes me kinda crazy. When someone lifts his/her nose at the sight of someone who is handicapped, or of a different race, or poor, or overweight, or of a different religion, I feel like slapping them. There is no excuse for that kind of behavior. And in fact,though I consider all humans to be of the same value, those who are haughty aren’t as good as the ones they look down on.

The other thing that someone can do to really turn me off, is to abuse others. Parents who beat children, husbands who beat wives, siblings who beat their siblings, bullies at school. People who beat animals. Their goals are to make the ones they are beating submissive. They don’t pick on people who can fight back. Instead, they choose those whom they know they can easily abuse without getting hurt themselves.

Notice that what I’m saying is that the behavior is the problem. Humans are all made out of the same material. We all come into the world in the same way. Some don’t get the same opportunities as others. Some are born with handicaps. Some are born in poor families. Some are born with a lower intelligence. None of those things make any one of us less than. I am just as valuable as any politician, actor, sports star, millionaire, or beauty queen, though I hold none of those titles.

I do believe that, for the most part, people can change, though they may need help to do so. The question is, are they willing to change? Could Charlie Manson change? Not by himself. It would take more than what he has on his own to change. Is he less than me? No. He is everything that I don’t want to be. But, there but for the grace of the Father, go I.

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6 comments on “People Who Turn Me Off

  1. Pleased to meet you and be on the blog tour with you. You mentioned another type of behavior that totally turns me off – the snotty people. Just can’t stand them.

  2. Your post really resonated with me, Ryder. It’s the behavior, not the people and yes I so agree ‘there but for the grace of God go I’.

    Here’s mine:

  3. Hi Ryder – good to *see* you again 🙂
    I like how you give the turn-off-ers an opportunity to get off the naughty list. Unfortunately, the ones who are very me-centered are the same ones who wouldn’t ever see a need to change 😦

    • So very true. Though it is possible for anyone to change, most people never see the need to, which is unfortunate because what goes around comes around and there will come a day when they face something at least as bad as what they dished out.

  4. janaki nagaraj says:

    Hi….nice post and good to be on this tour with you. I sure agree with you when you say all human beings are the same, no one is above the other. The ‘superior’ types turn me off too.

  5. rickray1 says:

    Besides smokers and drug addicts who refuse to ditch their habit I have to say that people who flaunt their crucifix, the bigger the better they say, in front of my atheist nose are extremely annoying.. Anyone who advertises using an ancient symbol for a torture device that they still live in the Dark Ages needs some good lessons in Science and evolution, plus a good smack on the side of the head. Read your BUYBULL and you’ll see what a mean, arrogant, abusive monster your Gaaawwwwwwdddddd is. If you want to worship something that is invisible and non-existent try the Flying Spaghetti Monster. At least when you die you’ll get to drink all the beer you want and enjoy your choice of women. Oh yeah, you get to wear a pirate’s outfit. ENJOY!

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