#Ryder’s Journal–Tuesday August 16 2011

The theme of this journal is the dilemma that authors face after we are published. Our job doubles. Now we have to write and we have to promote.

This week has been full of surprises. The computer took a dump. A local company did an assessment on our house to see if we could decrease what we pay in utilities by upgrading appliances and insulating doors and windows better. A water heater was delivered. A fridge is coming later in the week. The  bathroom sink faucet stopped working and we ended up having to get a new one. And to top it off, I’ve had a major headache and  the rest of my body is protesting everything.

The good news is my computer is back, and I’m still able to post a few short blogs. There is no energy left for promoting and so far I’ve only written 1000 words on my WIP in the last week.

As with all things, when it rains, it pours. We can go weeks with no unusual events and then have half a dozen in a few days. I hope the barage is over and things can get back to normal soon.  They say life is an adventure. I’m about ready for some good old boring days filled iwth writing and rest and maybe a glass of wine!


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