Our Dependence on Technology

I cannot believe how dependent we have become on technology. Cars not only park themselves, but also call the auto shop to schedule maintenance. Our cell phones, iPads, book Nooks, and computers are top priority for too many people. We panic if our computers pitch a hissy-fit. And then there is the net. My computer went wacko last Tueday and life took a tumble. Can’t blog. Can’t check emails (I had 600+), can’t promote.I have a laptop that I refuse to connect to the net because every month, rain or shine, my desktop gets a bug, despite all the spyware, antivirus, and firewalls are installed.

We have become a society dependent on machines for everything, from checking the functions of our automobiles, to breathing for us, to keeping in touch with what’s happening around the globe. Not that I’m faulting people for using what is developed, especially for saving and maintaining our lives, and helping us enjoy freedom.

But  sometimes I long for the days when life was a little less complicated, a little slower. I don’t have a cell phone, and frankly, I don’t really want one. If I want to get in touch with someone, I have a house phone. Cell phones are nice for emergencies, but they are also a nuisance. I don’t have an iPad. I might enjoy one, but they’re so expensive, and every month the newest one is outdated. My car doesn’t check the air in its tires, or talk to me about how to get to where I’m going. I have to actually use my own brain for that.

Now that my desktop is back and I’m able to reach out to the world, I’ll get back to my Journal entries (I missed six days) and join the Rolling Mystery Blog Tours Ink blog rolls. And I think I’ll also rethink how much time I waste…er…spend online. Even in ten minute spurts every hour, maybe I could make better use of my time.


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