When Did You Know You Were A #Storyteller?

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And now, on to my article: When Did You Know You Were A Storyteller?

Growing up, I was like an only child. I had siblings but all were much older than I. Also, we traveled a lot, and I had few opportunities to make friends, so by the time I was four or five, I was making up stories about what I was going to be, what I was going to do, where I was going to go and what I was going to have. I loved to read back then. And I loved to learn. In the grocery stores, instead of begging for candy, I would beg for books.

Oddly, I never had make-believe friends. My stories were all about me and animals, and flights, and hiding, and outsmarting, and finding safety and joy. My stories pretty much disappeared when I married and started having kids. And they didn’t return for many years. I didn’t forget them. But I didn’t tell myself stories anymore, didn’t embelish the ones in my head.

It was when I started getting jobs where there was a lot of down time, that the stories started again. And this time, they were all about other people. Their hopes and dreams. And nightmares. And I began reading again. I was forty-one when I made my first friend. And she’s a reader too. It didn’t take long for me to decide I wanted to entertain her with my writing.

It took five years before what I wrote looked like a novel, and five more before I became good at it. Now stories run in my head so fast they sometimes get away from me. There are dozens, maybe hundreds, that percolate in my brain, each taking their turn.

Now it’s all I want to do. Create stories and share them.


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