The Writer’s Cave

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And now, on to my article: My Writer’s Cave

So, picture this: My house sits at the top of a hill and through my office windows is a beautiful view of green hills, trees, and a large pond. My desk is a big antique, creme with gold  trim, and I have a computer screen as big as a widescreen TV. A colorful Tiffany lamp sits on one corner of the desk. The room is light, with book shelves on two walls and a deep burgundy accent wall with a mirror in the center that has great sentimental value. The floor is light hardwood, with deep furry throw rugs placed just right. I love this place…well I will love this place, if I ever get it.

Not all of that picture is fantasy. I do live in a house on a hill, with a nice view. I can’t see anything from my desk, but someday… I do have a burgundy accent wall with that mirror that means so much to me, and great hardwood floors. My desk is tiny, piled with notepads, bills, receipts, books, a tiny touch lamp, and a nice sized computer screen. The room is noisy, because, actually, it’s my bedroom, and my hubby is a TV watcher, so while I work, he’s glued to the tube. And actually, I don’t sit at my desk much because the great ergonomic chair is no longer conducive to good back health.

Due to health problems, sitting just doesn’t work for me anymore,  not for more than a few minutes at a time. But I have a great little laptop, a lifesaving Sleep Number bed, and a large assortment of pillows. That’s where I do my writing. The desktop is connected to the net, and I check my email, and do research a few minutes at a time.

I have a nice porch that we plan to enclose with a lot of windows and make it my office. I’ll put a large overstuffed chair in there so I can have my view, use my laptop, and be comfortable.  And the room with the burgundy wall? Well, it will be the library, with my office just through the door.

So, as you can see, it doesn’t matter what your cave looks like. It can be a desk in a corner, a bed and a laptop, a light and airy room with an overstuffed chair, or a kitchen table–been there, done that. What matters is that you use it. Use your Writer’s Cave to write. Because if you don’t, it’s just a room, or a spot, a desk or a table, with some other function, for some other vocation or avocation. It’s only a Writer’s Cave, if you write.

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6 comments on “The Writer’s Cave

  1. KT Wagner says:

    Hi Ryder,
    We have similar taste! My writing room is painted a deep cranberry and in the middle is an antique oak desk. My floors are light wood and there are bookshelves on three walls. No mirror but I have one in the garage I have been considering moving in here. I also have a red and tan antique Moroccan rug given to me by my grandmother.
    There is also a pesky treadmill…

  2. mollie bryan says:

    I like your cave better than mine! And we already closed in our sunporch and I’m using it for writing. It is, well, too sunny. I have to keep the blinds down. LOL. Great post Ryder!

  3. I dream of my perfect writer’s cave, one glorious room spilling into another, a garden, too, plenty of counter space to spread out my pages, all of my prized possessions surrounding me. But then, I think of all the distractions of such a room. But, you said it well, Ryder. What makes it a writer’s cave is the person inside who’s writing no matter what.

  4. Great blog, Ryder! You’re right, wherever you write, it has to be a place where you can actually write (as opposed to watching TV, listening to music, or experiencing other distractions).

  5. I share my writer’s cave with my husband because his study has better lighting than mine. Unfortunately, my chair blocks the doorway, so every time he goes in or out of the room, I have to stop typing and move my chair. Actually, it’s pretty amazing what we can get used to in order to pursue our writing passion. Great blog!

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