The Worst Book I Ever Read

This article is part of the Rolling Mystery Blog Tours rolling tour for Friday. Other bloggers who participated in this roll are listed at the bottom of this page, past the article. John Hines started off today on the subject of Worst Books. His article can be found at If you haven’t already visited his site, please take the time out today to stop by and take a look.

And now, on to my article: The Worst Book I Ever Read

This is sooo easy. She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb

It goes like this: Girl has lousy cheating dad. Parents divorce. Girl gets fat. Girl gets raped. Girl attempts suicide. Girl gets counseling. Girl orchastrates a marriage with a jerk.

Are you bored yet? Sick of ‘oh pity me?’.

It goes on for a million years, just one supposedly tear-evoking scene after another until the end when she finally finds peace.  The character is pathetic. The story is written in a voice that says ‘Whoa is me’ for so long that I just wanted to shoot the lead character and put her out of my misery, all 465 pages of it. I mean really, I’m fat. My dad was no angel. I had a rotten marriage. But there were moments in there…moments when I could smile…could look past the bad stuff and see some good, if not in my own life, then in the lives of others.

If Wally Lamb thought his lead character in She’s Come Undone was depressed, that is nothing compared to the way I felt when I read this book. I bought it because it was an Oprah’s Book Club Pick. Sorry, Miss O, but this one should have been flushed down the sewer. I read it because…well…I was younger then and I thought when you started reading a book, you were supposed to finish it. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

Nowadays, if I read a quarter of the book and it sucks, it goes to the thrift shop. Life is too short to torture myself with crap. On the other hand, I have learned something else. How much you enjoy a book has to do with your state of mind at the time. I read The Crystal Cave in my teens and thought is was the best book ever written. I re-read it two years ago and decided it didn’t belong on my ‘keepers shelf.’ Dido for a Jane Austen book I used to adore but I now find kind of boring. On the other hand, I read Jane Eyre every year and never tire of it. I hope I didn’t bore you with my rant.

Our roll today consists only of John Hines and I as our partners are dealing with sick children and deadlines. But hopefully several of our partners will return next Monday when the new roll will start right here with the subject of The Writer’s Cave.


5 comments on “The Worst Book I Ever Read

  1. Oh my gosh! I felt the same way about that book. I absolutely hated it! I have no patience for pathetic characters. I read the book because it was a selection in a book club I belonged to. That was the only Wally Lamb book I ever read, and because of that, I’ve shied away from reading him. I suppose that’s not fair. And yes, Jane Eyre, was not only a classic, but close to a master piece. Jane had a difficult life, but she had a strong spirit. Well, said, Ryder!

  2. I loved your “rant” and I guess that’s one less book to add to my “To Read” list.
    Thanks for sharing your views so colorfully!

  3. KT Wagner says:

    One less for my “to read” list. Thanks Ryder!


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