What Does Freedom Mean To You?

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So now, back to freedom, and what it means to me. I think we American’s have lived under freedom for so long that we take it for granted. We are free to work at any job we are qualifed for, and we have the freedom to receive an education regardless of our color, sex, gender, or political affiliation. We are free to go where we want, eat what we want, live where we want.

I’m always shocked by documentaries showing how oppressed the citizens of some countries are. In North Korea the citizens do not have internet access. Their newspapers, television and radio stations are owned by the government. This is unfathomable to citizens of the U.S. We expect, even demand, that our government not be involved in the process of religion, the free press, the or the rules we have in our households regarding sex, discipline, smoking, drinking, etc. Sure, there are limited laws to protect children from abuse, but overall, parents have the freedom to raise their children as they see fit.

Freedom here  in America allows me, an author, to write about anything I want. I can protest against any part or member of the government, in writing, or the streets of Washington, D.C.. When I hear about people of other countries being murdered because of their political beliefs, or because they tried to tell the truth about women’s rights, or birth control…well, it makes me sick. It makes me angry. It makes me cry. And then it makes me appreciate all the freedom I have.

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6 comments on “What Does Freedom Mean To You?

  1. I agree – we are very sheltered in the U.S. from the horrors of the world. I think schools need to stop focusing so much on world history and turn to current events to raise our kids with true global awareness.

  2. Georgia girl says:

    Very well said. I agree with you. American’s forget what freedom really means for us. We are very spoiled.

  3. You know, even though Americans are sheltered and protected, lately things have changed. We have had our share of sorrows and loss of freedoms from our older government. Keep it lit! The torch of freedom and the compassionate heart of Americans. Lovely post. You have a good heart.

  4. Hi. I’m stopping by for the Blogalicious freedom hop. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on freedom. I agree. We, the ones who can take it for granted, are fortunate. But there may one day come a time to actively fight for it.


  5. totsymae1011 says:

    As much as I love my laptop and the ability to search for whatever I’m looking for, it’s really hard to imagine being in a country that doesn’t allow this kind of access. The ability to choose is precious, isn’t it?

  6. We do take a lot much for granted.
    Thanks for the reminder.

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