Revisions Are Finished But The End Is Nowhere In Sight

I remember clearly when I wrote THE END on the Ultimate Justice manuscript. And then there were a couple dozen revisions as I learned more about writing, and added layers of depth to characters and filled gaps in sub-plots. When it felt polished, I remember working on the synopsis and cover letter, and then the search for agents and publishers interested in the genre. And who can forget the rejection letters?

Then several editors were interested and I was giddy. The hardest part was over. I found the perfect publisher for me and my book. It was a great feeling. Finally, all that hard work would pay off. Ultimate Justice A Trey Fontaine Mystery was going to be published.

Then came working with the editor. Maybe the hardest part wasn’t over yet. But I was getting close. The revisions felt like they’d never end. But then the final revision was sent. Now, surely, I would be able to take a break.

Not so fast. The day I sent the final revision in, I was feeling pretty good. Until the next email brought a long list of things to do!  Now it’s my bio, and a headshot for the back cover. A blurb for the back cover.  Blurbs for the press kit. Ideas for a cover. A teaser for book two of the series. And I am to choose an excerpt of 500 -800 words to place on the website. Oh! And the website!

And now that I’ve written the teaser for book two, well…uh…I guess I better get crackin’ on book two!  My energy died a few weeks ago. My imagination is fried. My wrists are in braces and my back swears I cannot sit in a chair for one more minute. So, for now, I’ll go take a break. And then I’ll figure out how to start again.


One comment on “Revisions Are Finished But The End Is Nowhere In Sight

  1. Carol L Parman says:

    I can really relate to your thoughts on writing, revising etc. I have had all those experiences and hope my book ‘Streams of Poetry’ will be well recieved in Worth County. Took me seven years of research. It was all done with love and compassion for the many people in our area who wrote poems and essays. I love historical things and wanted to preserve the descriptions of living that I encountered reading all these works. You have a really nice website. Is it very costly? That is the thing I still need but want people to be able to order from it while they are there. Did I meet you in the collector’s office in the court house one time? A lady was in there who was interested in publishing a book. I was looking for a map of the old schools. I wish you well with the sales of your book. It is a very attractive cover. I am a graphic artist and love how they used the J in the title. Was it your idea? Hope to hear from you.

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