Meet Trey Fontaine, FBI Special Agent In The Upcoming Novel: ULTIMATE JUSTICE, A Trey Fontaine Mystery

While writing ULTIMATE JUSTICE, A Trey Fontaine Mystery, I pictured David Boreanez as FBI Special Agent Trey Fontaine. He is thirty-two years old, six feet tall, and has light brown eyes and dark hair.  Trey has been an agent for nine years. When he was twelve, his dad, a cop in his hometown of Raven Bayou, was killed on the job. His dad’s partner was Russell Coleman, who was featured in a previous article. Russell is Trey’s godfather. Russell has a new partner who brings back vivid memories for Trey.

Trey was a good student, a college football player, and a cop in Raven Bayou while waiting to be old enough for the Bureau. In college, he studied Linguistics and Ethnicities, so he can tell a lot about a person by their syntax, word choice, and accent, as well as being able to give an educated guess about ethnic origin.

He drives a Hummer called Streak. He has a distant relationship with his mother, who changed drastically when her husband, Trey’s dad, was killed.  He’s single, very career minded, and has no time for a long-term relationship.

At the story opens, Trey is on limited duty as a result of a gunshot wound, and playing handler to a female agent who is undercover at a local casino trying to get information on the whereabouts of several young women who have disappeared.  They are in his home town. He is strong and intelligent. I think you’ll find Trey Fontaine can be a really good guy. When he’s not being bad.