Meet Russell Coleman, Homicide Detective in the upcoming book: ULTIMATE JUSTICE

I wanted to give readers an opportunity to meet some of the characters who live and/or work in Raven Bayou, Louisiana, the setting for the upcoming book, ULTIMATE JUSTICE. The book is set in 2005.

While I was writing, I envisioned Morgan Freeman as Russ, an African-American man in his sixties, who has been a cop on the Raven Bayou Parish Sheriff’s Department for close to forty years. He has a high school education, but he’s intelligent, and street smart. Russ believes in gut instinct. He reads people really well.

He was married at twenty-five to a lovely young lady named Julie. After thirty-seven years of marriage, Julie died as the result of an automobile accident. She was the only one in her car, and the driver of the other car was charged with involuntary manslaughter. That was three years ago, in 2002.

As ULTIMATE JUSTICE starts, that man’s trial has come to an end, and Russ is waiting for the verdict. This is only one of the things on Russell Coleman’s plate. His godson was injured on the job and is recuperating in town. Russ is handling a homicide case, the first one in Raven Bayou in years, and is also working the case of a teenage girl who was beaten and raped. And there’s more to come. The killing continues. And so do the attacks on girls and women.

I think you’ll like Russ. He’s pretty easy, and laid back. He doesn’t talk a lot, but what he says is usually important. He makes allowances for the mistakes of friends and relatives, and has always been faithful to those he loves. Except for that one time, years ago.

But that’s for later.


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