I thought it was time to introduce you to ULTIMATE JUSTICE, A Trey Fontaine FBI novel. This psychological mystery is set in Raven Bayou, Louisiana, a fictional town modeled after many small towns in the state. Raven Bayou is situated about half way between the northern border and the Gulf, on the westernmost side of the state, not far from the border of Texas. It’s far enough south for Spanish moss hanging from the trees, boggy bayous, aligators, and frog leg dinners.

The population is under eight thousand, large enough for strip malls and two casinos, small enough to  have its police force made up of Sheriff’s deputies working out of a city building. There is a town square in the center of which is the Courthouse, built in 1825. The four streets surrounding the Courthouse are all one-way, with other city buildings, a parking lot for the jury, a small park with a gazebo in the middle, and small businesses including: Knit One–Pearl Two, a craft and fabric shop, Tammy’s Lunchenette, The Hair Raising beauty parlor, and The Dog House Bar and Grill. And in the summer old Sam, the black lab that belongs to Tammy, usually lies in the middle of the street, requiring drivers to swing around him while he enjoys the sunshine on his old bones.

Most of the characters in book one, ULTIMATE JUSTICE, were born in Raven Bayou, though not all stayed. As I write about each one, you will learn a lot about their histories. The town is somewhat divided, with those of Cajun blood living near the bayou, in the poor part of town, and others living in nicer and nicer areas as their socio-economic class allows. The farther away from the center of town, the less compact the neighborhoods, with houses separated by large pieces of land a couple of miles from downtown, while a small, compact yards, with small compact houses sit a couple of blocks from the Courthouse.

The bayou for which the town was named is only a few acres in size, situated just outside the city limits. And less than a mile from the bayou is a large park bordered by woods on two sides, with a baseball diamond on the side closest to town. Boudreaux Park is named after the richest family in town, the patriarch of whom is Alton Boudreaux. His ranch is located on the north edge of town and his thourough breds are known at all the race tracks in the country.

On the main highway there are several restuarants, including a Waffle House, The Crab Shack, a Sonic, The Donut House, and a Golden Corral. This is where the gas stations, convenience stores, and the two motels can be found.

Thanks for coming. I hope you will enjoy visiting Raven Bayou many times in the years to come.



  1. John Hines says:

    Ryder, I’ve been to dozens of small towns just like this all over western and southern Louisiana. You’ve created something unique, but also real and believable. Great job!

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