REVISION OF A WIP: Step 4–Missing Pieces

The editor and I finally finished the first edit of the entire manuscript today. It is now her turn to read through the entire thing, looking for holes in the plot, areas where the reader doesn’t get enough info, or where I’ve given too much away.

I’ve really had to rack my brain to fix some of the problems she found on the first round and I’m glad to have it finished. Over all, the plot was good, but there were some sagging middle chapters that needed to be tightened up, or cut, and some areas where I knew exactly what I was talking about, but the reader would have been lost (the editor was lost), so I needed to fill in some stuff. Now she will be looking to see if I answered all of her questions, if what I added makes sense, and if what I took away didn’t leave another gap.

I can’t say enough about the editor who is working with me. She is patient and kind, honest but gentle. She is well educated and experienced. And above all, has told me several times that in the end this is my book and I have to decide to take her advice, or to ignore it. She doesn’t ‘give me ideas’ unless I ask for her help on a specific issue. She doesn’t want me to use her words. She wants me to use MY words. I have had a great experience so far with LL-Publications, its leader, and my editor.

I should have final approval on the chosen title by tomorrow and hope to send out a quick note letting you all know the name of this WIP. We are still shooting for publication in April, 2011, which is comingup fast.

Hope everyone has a wonderful new year, filled with success and joy. Please submit questions and comments. I’d love to hear from you.


One comment on “REVISION OF A WIP: Step 4–Missing Pieces

  1. Zakgirl says:

    Nice to hear how things are going with you.

    Just one query/confirmation with the above post… I assume you meant: She wants me to use MY words? (er, that is, your words?).

    She sounds wonderful and everything a good editor should be.


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